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"Cultural transformation" på Scania India

Scania India har under vintern påbörjat sin "Cultural Transformation" resa. Kitlab var där och faciliterade arbetsmöten och tog fram ett verktyg, "Our Mindset" som stöd till organisationen.

"The Kitlab tool is magical in a way that it brings in alignment between teams so strongly yet it feels like a child’s play. It is simple to use and is easy to customise to varied needs of my organization.

I found it very impactful which creates an environment for employees from various teams to openly discuss their challenges and mind-set and arrive at consensus. The voting cards and quote cards helped people to reflect and speak their mind, at the same time, relate it back to work.

This format has also helped the discussion leaders to see things from a different perspective; sometime which otherwise would not have come out at all."

Ruchi Ahluwalia, SPHR Director– Human Resources | Scania India

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